Darbe ve Dönüş Rulo Lastikleri
Impact and Rotation Roller Tires
Kar Aracı Lastiği
Snow Tool Tire
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Always be with rubber injection technology
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	Treyler ve Frigorifik Kasa Kauçuk Yedek Parçaları</h2>
Trailer and Frigoric Case Rubber Spare Parts


Our company was founded in 1958 by Ibrahim Keskınkayaer was established as Zafer SHoes by Ankara and started production in 1992, founded by Ahmet Keskınkayaer Limited and continues his activities by taking the name of Zafer Rubber Plastic Industry Trade LTD.

Our vision

It is to become a leading company in the field that can shape and shape the sector by following the technological developments and applying itself, developing itself always, affecting the sector with the products that best meet the needs of the movement mass by the designer spirit.

Our mission

Adopting total quality management and producing with the highest standards. To be a company with environmental and community consciousness by providing the best quality products and services by establishing new production organizations according to the changing conditions


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